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General Goybet, commanding the 157th Division of infantry took special notice of the fact this was the first 4th of July to be celebrated by his Franco-American Division.

It is striking demonstration of the long standing and blood-cemented friendship which binds together our two great nations . The sons of the soldiers of Lafayette
greet the sons of the soldiers of Washington who have come over to fight as in 1776 , in a new and greater way of independence . The same success which followed the glorious fights for the cause of liberty is sure to crown our common effort now and bring about the final victory of right and justice over Barbarity and oppression.”

General Goybet commanding the 157th Division


 Henri Goybet great-grand son of General Mariano Goybet 

Seventh Regiment Armory   Red Hand Flag    New York 2007,12,15


Season 6, Episode 2 | History Detectives | PBS Video  |  Red Hand Flag


History Detectives . Investigations - Red Hand Flag | PBS


 African American 371st Infantry Regiment


African American 371st Infantry Regiment video (Behind the scene : Red hand flag movie)





The Black soldier (clip)


 The Black soldier (clip)



 December 12, 1918

General Order No. 245

The red hand division during nine days of violent fight was always an exceptional model for the victorious advance of the fourth army.
Dear Friends of America you will be back home to the other side of the ocean, don’ t forget ‘’ The Red Hand Division.
‘’ .”

Our friendship has been cemented in the blood of the brave and such a link will be never destroyed Remember your General who is proud to have commanded you and be sure of his endless recognition. .”

General Goybet commanding the 157th Division




       General Mariano Goybet

Valor awards for Mariano F. J. Goybet | Military Times Hall of Valor

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E.J. Scott. The American Negro in the World War. Chapter XVII.



African American  in WWI


 A short documentary about African American who fought in WWI 








371st Infantry Regiment 93rd Division (Colored)


Freddie Stowers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

File:Stowers MOH ceremony - Palmer, Bowens and Bush.JPEG

After the posthumous presentation of the Medal of Honor  made today at the White House to the sisters of Corporal (CPL) Freddie Stowers, a native of Anderson County South Carolina for action during World War I by President George H. W. Bush, Mrs. Barbara Bush and Mary Bowens admire the Medal of Honor certificate. Ms Bowens is CPL Stowers' sister. His other sister Georgina Palmer (far left) looks on. CPL Stowers is the only Black American to receive the Medal for action during World War I.      4 April 1991

Colored soldiers win croix de guerre



 African American soldiers win French croix de guerre  




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Congratulation and Good luck Mr Obama (Henri Goybet's Website)




           You bring us hope 

             You bring us hope (video)


File:Official portrait of Barack Obama.jpg


First African American President in United States History

Goybet - Obama - Mc Cain  share same royal lineage (Henri Goybet's Website)