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WWI Symposium Huge Succes !


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Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum : Columbia  South Carolina - WWI Symposium



 10:05 – 10:15am:  Reading of Message to Symposium from Henri Goybet, great-grandson of General Mariano Goybet, Commander of 157th French “Red Hand Division,” Anne Clarkson





Message: From Henri Goybet  to the Symposium






Avignon, November 2nd


Dear Anne I took the decision 15 days ago to come to the Symposium in Columbia but 5 days ago i had a problem to resolve in November In France and i will not be able to come this time.

 I consider as an honor  to be invited by  you and the Symposium and i regret of not being in America for speaking  about the vaillant African American troops and their chief , my great grand father.

 I regret also not being here in such an historical  moment for African American Community and the world itsel.

 I would like in my name and in the name of my great grand father  you do during the Symposium the reading

 of the following  citations of my great Grand Father :





October 8, 1918


General Order No. 234


“I am proud to forward you herewith the thanks and congratulations of General Garnier-Duplessix and I want at the same time, dear friends of all ranks Americans and French, to tell you as your leader and as soldier, from the bottom of my heart how grateful, I am to you all for the glory you have acquired for our splendid 157th Division.

In these nine hard days of battle you have pushed ahead for eight kilometers , fought powerful enemy organization , captured close to 600 prisoners , taken 15 guns light and heavy , 20 infantry Mortars and artillery ammunition and brought down by rifle 3 aeroplanes . The red hand of this division is now in truth a blood- reeking hand . I grappled the Boche at the throat and made him yell for mercy. Our glorious comrades who died are well avenged.”


 General Goybet, Commanding the 157th Division




December 12, 1918


General Order No. 245

 “The red hand division during nine days of violent fight was always an exceptional model for the victorious advance of the fourth army.

Dear Friends of America you will be back home to the other side of the ocean, don’ t forget ‘’ The Red Hand Division. ‘’ .”

 “Our friendship has been cemented in the blood of the brave and such a link will be never destroyed Remember your General who is proud to have commanded you and be sure of his endless recognition. .”


 General Goybet commanding the 157th Division


 H.Q. 19 December 1918




General Order No. 248


Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, sappers, soldiers, gunners and cavalry men of the 157th Division :


The Marshal of France, commander in chief of the French Army, has ordered the dissolution of our division on the 20th of December 1918. It is therefore the last farewell I address to you this day, which is the last one I have the honor to command you. During seven months you gave everything I demanded of you. You have shown yourself strong in the defensive hardy and aggressive in the ‘Coup de mains’ magnificently brave and gallant in the offensive.”

 “You have gloriously ended the 157th Division ‘career in the course of the great battle of Champaign, in breaking strongly fortified position, in progressing in a fierce struggle of nine days for more than eight kilometers, taking from the enemy a thousand prisoners, more than 20 guns,, several hundred machine guns and enormous material.

During our mutual life, the powerful bonds which kept us together have been tightened by the sorrow of our cruel losses, as well as in then joy of victory. You gave me your confidence. In my turn I have given you the most precious thing I have to give: MY MILITARY HONOR. It has been put in good hands. With my soldier’s heart I think you.”


“The Divisions elements will be distributed in other organizations. You will take with your traditions of courage, discipline and affection to your new chiefs. To those who will ask were you come from, you will answer with pride, ‘We are the soldiers of the Division Goybet, the Division with the Red Hand: it was a fine Division! And you will give a proof of it by you conduct, In the memory of our dear dead I piously kiss the sacred folds of your banners. They have been worn out in the battle , they now wave on the winds of victory .”

General Goybet 






In Conclusion i would like you tell the  conviction of the great grand son of Mariano who admire the bravery of those troops .





“The valiant conduct of black troops in the World War, their loyalty, their self-sacrifice in front of danger, their blood poured with bravery in fields of shell and under the machine-gun bullets helped I think colored [African Americans] people to be more conscious of their rights because they were very proud to save the world from the barbarian and they felt not only citizens of [the] USA but citizens of the world with all the rights that goes with that new world citizenship .”



Henri Goybet , Grandson of General Goybet who commanded black troops to freedom the nations in the World War.

November, 2nd, 2008



Have A good symposium my sister in arms and i will be with you all,  in my heart



 Signed  : Henri Goybet  Great Grand son of the general goybet commanding the 157th Red Hand Division.












Article from The Regimental Courier (,0,w)

November 17, 2008
WWI Symposium Huge Success!
by Sarah Wooton Garrod

On Saturday, November 15th, the museum hosted a WWI military history symposium.  The day-long event featured guest lecturers Lt. Colonel (Ret) Robert L. Brown, Les Jensen and Dr. Mitch Yockelson.  Robert Brown, Adjunct Professor at USC Sumter, spoke on the WWI experiences of his grandfather, Robert T. Brown, as well as aviaton superstitions. 
Les Jensen, Curator of Arms and Armour at the West Point Museum, US Military Academy, gave the lecture, "To Create an Army - Uniforms & Equipment of the AEF in World World One."  Dr. Yockelson, Professor at the Naval Academy and Archivist at the National Archives, spoke on the "Borrowed Soldiers of the 30th Division." 
W. Joe Long, (Relic Room Curator of Education) spoke on WWI aviation, with his presentation, "Iron Men and Canvas Wings:  SC Aviators in the Great War."  Sarah W. Garrod (Relic Room Chief Curator) presented, "How They Became Pershing's Own:  Military Bands in WWI."  Anne Clarkson did a special reading sent to her from  Henri Goybet, great-grandson of the General Mariano Goybet, Commander of the 157th French "Red Hand" Division.  SC's 371st Infantry Regiment served under the 157th French Division. 
The day included presentations from WWI living historians. Bruce Cotner did a lively impression of a local contractor hired to help build Camp Jackson, located here in Columbia (now Fort Jackson).  Dane Coffman did a wonderful impression of General John Pershing.  Jeffrey Mosser did a great job with his AEF doughboy impression.  Jay Callaham delighted folks with his MP impression and 30th Division collection. 
Dr. Yockelson hosted a booksigning after the lectures.  The event was a big success!  The museum sincerely thanks the guest speakers and living historians for their time and expertise.  The Relic Room also appreciates the numerous attendees for sharing the day with us and WWI history!
Published by Jai Cassidy-Shaiman
Copyright © 2009 S.C. Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum. All rights reserved.

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Message from Anne Clarkson After The Symposium 


The Symposium went well and you were missed very much!

Date : 16/11/2008 

From Anne Clarkson





Hello my brother, well I thought I would tell you how things went today at the museum.


First of all they had a special table set up in the main area just for me and my guest and my military display.  I got to sit there for the entire function, right up front where I could see everything.  After the introductions I was invited up to read your letter to a large crowd of military history enthusiast and museum curators.  I discovered later that many of them  came to the Symposium when they discovered that I would be there with the Red Hand Flag.  Before I read the letter, I told them about you and your Great Grand father, how I met you and how your Great Grand father was the commander of troop in WWI.  I explained what a wonderful person you are and what an honor it was to have a letter from you.  Then I read the letter.  Everyone there was VERY impressed and moved by both the words of your Great Grand father and the words that you added at the bottom of your note.  There was a moment of quiet after I finished the letter then they all applauded! 


After my reading there was a 15 minute break and almost everyone in the room came to my table where the flag was to thank me for reading the letter, to ask for copies of the letter and to see the flag.  I met one young lady who had decided to write her college thesis on World War I from the French perspective after hearing about your Great Grand Father and she would like to have your email address if that is okay with you <g>.  Apparently, you are a very popular and important man here in South Carolina and the people at the museum were really honored to have received the letter and would have LOVED to have met you.  So you and your Great Grand Father are again heroes in the eyes of the people of South Carolina, or at least the ones I met today.  I will have to keep my eyes open to see if there are any articles in the paper about this .


Rest well brother and I will write again





Signed Henri Goybet  : Your Brother In Arms





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